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  • We can help when it hurts

Holistic Malvern Chiropractor, Dr. Dennis Mariano

We understand

If you are reading these words it is likely because you are searching for an answer to your, or your loved ones urgent problem. You may have tried many different modalities, have consulted with many different practitioners but you are still not better and continue to suffer.

It’s not your fault that you’re stuck

Now you are beginning to doubt yourself and feel stuck. Worst of all you hate being told by professionals that there is nothing that can be done or that you just have to live with it. This is one reason patients that consult with us. They are desperate, have lost hope and need help.

Most people we talk to are afraid to have surgery and don’t want to become addicted to prescription drugs. Their problem is often overlooked because their practitioners are trained to evaluate only where their pain or symptom is. Our methods allow us to look deeper into the body to find out where the main problem is coming from.

Our Promise

At Mariano Holistic Life Center, Inc., we promise to do things differently. Many of our practice members comment during their initial visit that, ” No one has ever listened to them and evaluated them with such unique exam techniques.” They add that, “they finally have hope that we will identify the reason why they are suffering and look forward to being able to walk, run, play with their children and perform at a competitive level again.” In other words, live life to the fullest again.

Let us help you

Mariano Holistic Life Center, Inc. has been providing holistic health care services in the Malvern and Great Valley region since 1992. Our advanced techniques allow us to identify the root cause of your problem, so you can once again live a pain free and healthy life.

So, if you or your loved ones are tired of being stuck and
want to live your life again, give us a call.

Dr. Dennis M.Mariano, DC, DICCP
Holistic Chiropractic Doctor, Malvern, PA
(610) 640-4673