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12 Year Old with Stomach Pains, Gone! - What happened?

A 12 year child and his parents consulted with us complaining of severe stomach pains and bedwetting. He had missed 50% of school in the last two years. He had very low energy, bags under his eyes and a look of chronic pain on his face.

His parents and grandparents had brought him to the following doctors: His pediatrician, to an allergist, gastroenterologist, immunologist, neurologist and psychiatrist, and a chiropractor and had many medical tests conducted on him. All test were negative and he was was still suffering from severe unexplainable pain.

He has three other siblings who have no complaints. I can only imagine what he must be thinking to himself about why all his brothers and sisters were normal and he was not. And how all the doctors could not find anything wrong with him. He must think to himself that he is somehow, “broken”. I can’t imagine that he felt too good about himself.

After two months of care he and his mother reported to us yesterday with much excitement that he has been pain-free for two weeks and had not missed any school and was able to have a Merry Christmas for the first time in two years.

Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. As long as the messages from the brain can flow unimpeded to the rest of the body, the body will have normal function.

The power that made the body will express itself as it as long as there is no interference. Nature, needs no help, just no interference.

Please pass on this information on to people that you know have been to many practitioners and are still sick and suffering, especially the children. They deserve the chance to regain their health naturally without the fear of side effects. Life is too short to suffer unnecessarily.

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