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The Athlete’s Secret Weapon

Five Important Questions To Ask A Sports Chiropractor

1. What Type of Special Training Do You Have That I Can’t Get From Other Practitioners?

women runningMany of the athletes we see tell us that they are tired of going to different doctors and other practitioners because it hasn’t helped them. One of the most important principles of healing is prioritizing. Your body will only fully heal if the corrections or healing methods used in the proper sequence. Missing this very important principle leads to frustration and feeling stuck in your healing and performance.

Pioneering A New Approach
Dr. Jeff Spencer, Tour De France Sports Chiropractor with Dr. Dennis Mariano

Dr. Jeff Spencer, Tour De France Sports Chiropractor with Dr. Dennis Mariano

Our years of experience and specialized training in sports chiropractic that has helped many athletes who have not been helped by anyone else. We have a unique proprietary protocol pioneered by Dr. Jeff Spencer. He was instrumental in assisting The Discovery Channel, Postal Service and the Radio Shack cycling team, in keeping in top, peak performance and recover from injuries in the 7 Tour De France championships. It is no longer enough to use the traditional methods of recovery. One needs to look into the hidden world of your body and identify and correct the communication breakdown in your body. Our practice employs a holistic approach. We have the cutting edge knowledge and technology to benefit you when everyone else has failed. Our job is to get you back to doing what you love most.

2. How Can You Help Me Recover From My Chronic Injuries When No One Else Has?

You may already have tried physical rehabilitation, specialized exercises, pain medication, injections and many other modalities and none of them have worked, you are still injured or you hurt when you exercise.

Holistic Health Services

The technologies and techniques that we use combines a blend of holistic chiropractic, a specialized application of the Erchonia cold laser, kineseotaping, and nutritional protocols for faster recovery.

The Missing Piece

Very frequently we find that injuries that refuse to heal often have an emotional component that needs to be addressed using a specialized technique called NEUROEMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE. Missing this important problem that is often hidden in your tissues, will cause your body NOT to heal and repair. Once identified, your body can unwind, move more efficiently with less energy, improving your performance. Learn more about Neuroemotional Technique in How can I STOP sabotaging my success?

3. Can You Help Me Discover Why I Have Pain in My Neck, Back and Extremities?

Very few athletes are aware that pain while exercising can be caused by misalignments in your spine, hips, arms and legs. These misalignments cause your body to move inefficiently and cause abnormal stress in your frame causing an imbalance in how your muscle moves the bones. These imbalances are usually invisible to the naked eye and are only obvious to those practitioners who are specially trained to identify these problems. woman in yoga pose

Balance and Alignment

Continuing to exercise in this imbalanced state is similar to driving your car when your front end is out of alignment. Imagine the abnormal wear and tear it causes to the tires. Imagine the micro trauma and damage that it is producing on the whole car. It can’t be a fun smooth ride. Your body needs to be in perfect balance in order to be able to move and perform efficiently. The pain that you are feeling is a dangerous signal that there is something wrong. Our special training in Fascial Movement Taping using ROCK TAPE can help correct these imbalances allowing your body to recover its balanced movements. Call us for an appointment for a complimentary 10 body movement analysis.

4. How Can You Help Me Be My Best In the Sport That I Love?

By analyzing how your body moves and identifying abnormal movement patterns we can help your body move more fluidly and more energy efficient so that you can perform the best in the sports your love. Dr. Mariano has completed his advanced training as a certified chiropractic sports physician (CCSP). He will be sitting for the certification testing in November of 2015 pdf iconClick here to view the Chiropractic Sports Physician Curriculum

5. Why Is It Dangerous to Exercise if I Have Hidden Myotomal Weaknesses (Inhibited Muscles) That I Can’t Feel?

ice pack on an knee injuryVery few athletes are aware that when they push their bodies to its limits or sustain an injury from exercise and/or sports activities that their brain will turn off muscles surrounding a joint in order to protect that joint from further injury. This protective mechanism while necessary for survival puts your body in a weakened unbalanced state due to muscle inhibition. This inhibition predisposes you to even further injury.

Set Your Body Up for Success

The problem is that the muscle that has been switched off does not turn itself on. It need to be assessed using a special analytical method that turns the muscle back on using the Erchonia cold laser. At Mariano Holistic Life Center, we are experts in helping athletes who have sustained chronic injuries that refuse to fully heal. For more information call us to make an appointment for a FREE 15 minute assessment to see if you have any of these problems, or to attend a free seminar on how the Spencer Technique can help you achieve your personal health and athletic goals.

Dr. Mariano Helps Athletes Be Their Best

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