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Mariano Holistic Life Center

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, what NOT to expect

Let’s start with what NOT to expect. We don’t wrench, crack or yank. All adjustments are gentle and respectful, allowing your body to readjust step by step.

What makes your method different?

At every visit, we’ll “ask” your body what it needs using gentle pressure (what we call muscle testing, so each treatment is tailored exactly to address the challenges your body is ready to handle.

This way, we’re not guessing or imposing our opinions; it’s always a collaboration led objectively by the evidence of your body. Specific adjustments are done in response.

What is muscle testing?

At every visit, Dr. Mariano has you extend an arm and then gently presses it while directing attention to different parts of your body.

When the arm suddenly gives way, it signals an issue with that area. Once an area is identified, Dr. Mariano corrects it with gentle spinal adjustment, laser, tape or another non-invasive approach. Then he tests again.

You’ll be surprised by the difference in your strength before and after—and the whole thing often takes just seconds to set right.

Although this sounds “out there,” you only have to experience it once to realize that it works—even if you can’t imagine how.

How long before I feel the results?

You’re unlikely to notice big changes after any given visit, although that can happen. But within a few appointments, you’ll notice significant improvement in pain and symptoms.

Even stubborn problems that have bothered you for years will start to disappear.

Some patients notice that regular appointments keep them feeling healthy and vigorous, and continue on even after their initial symptoms are gone.

We encourage this preventive approach to continued well-being.

What can I expect the first visit?

We always begin with a thorough examination and history. We’ll test your back muscles, watch your gait, and conduct other tests.

If it’s ok with you, we’ll also take x-rays so that we can actually see your spine and any areas of concern.

We’ll show you what we found, and talk with you about what we can do and how long we believe it will take to address your symptoms or problems.

How often should I come for treatment?

In the beginning, we usually recommend up to 3 visits per week in order to create some healing momentum.

This is tapered back as corrections takes hold. You’re always in control of your care plan, and can of course stop at any time.

As your care progresses, we’ll re-do some of your tests. You’ll be able to see the objective changes in your muscles and spine for yourself—as well as feeling the difference in well-being.