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This is my highly competitive patient who was very Gung Ho with his cross-fit performance. Unfortunately, as it often happens, he injured himself. He was antalgic (bent sideways) and in pain and hardly able to walk. With holistic chiropractic care and sports chiropractic, we were able to get  him back full speed within a few days. We utilized functional movement analysis, and myotomal challenge as my mentor Dr. Jeff Spencer (of Tour De’France fame) taught me.

man wearing rocktape

Testing the Goods!

We utilized spinal adjustments to relieve spinal nerve pressure, allowing his body to recover from the injury. We also utilized high doses of nutritional support to assist in lowering the inflamed tissues, naturally. Also, used the Erchonia cold laser on 3 different settings and kineseotaping as we learned from Functional Movement Taping from Rock tape.

Dr. Mariano applying rocktape

Today’s challenge was upside down push-ups and clean and jerking 185 lbs. Here is his text to me after the qualification competition: ” I got 14 reps in the workout. Good for me because the weight was really heavy, but not very good on the grand scheme. I’ll take it though. My back feels great after the workout too. Thanks again for your help!”

Dr. Mariano and patient

Finished Product. He’s ready to go perform at his best!

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