Allison Prettyman

Allison has dedicated over 30 years to helping clients heal and transform through energy healing and intuitive life coaching.

With compassion and skill, she combines ancient and modern healing techniques into a unique blend that leaves clients feeling deeply relaxed, nurtured, empowered and symptom free.

She has extensive training in energy healing, Reiki therapy, bodywork, intuitive life coaching, meditation practices, and many other holistic therapies. 

Her sessions work in perfect combination with chiropractic care to help facilitate and awaken the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

When the body, mind, and spirit are more relaxed, balanced and open the beneficial effects of chiropractic care can be more deeply felt and sustained. She is committed to maintaining a steady practice of inner and outer study and education to better assist clients. In her free time,

Allison enjoys traveling, hiking and painting for art collectors and local art venues.