Dr. Dennis Mariano

I grew up in a household of doctors. My mother, aunt and uncle are all physicians; many others in the family are nurses and doctors too. Chiropractic became a calling after it helped me with a problem that even doctors couldn’t seem to address.

At a gymnastic class in college, I had fallen on my neck attempting to do a vault on a pommel horse. While the neck didn’t hurt afterwards, several weeks later I began to have stomach pains that wouldn’t go away. Several medical doctors in different specialties were unable to help. As the weeks passed without improvement, a co-worker recommended that I try chiropractic instead.

To my amazement, not only did the stomach pains disappear, but so did the severe allergy and hay fever symptoms I had had for several years. I was fascinated, and decided to investigate chiropractic as a career.

Since starting my own practice over 25 years ago I’ve seen the same kind of dramatic results happen literally thousands of times, for all kinds of patients. It is a very rewarding way to spend my days. We love caring for children, moms and dads and as well as athletes.

Several times a year, I attend continuing education classes to learn more, gain additional certifications, and discover new ways to enhance our patients’ health.

I live what I teach, getting weekly chiropractic care, exercising regularly, eat healthy organic food, and using Science Based Nutrition testing to ensure that I am getting the right nutrients. My wife and sons also get regular care.