Kim Sherlock

Kim Sherlock lives and works in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She has a business degree from Widener University and graduated from The Institute for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

As a licensed massage therapist, she has specialized in Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, also known as CFT for over a decade. She was personally trained by Dr. Barry Gillespie, the founder of CFT to carry on his teaching. Kim teaches CFT throughout the US and internationally as a partner in the CFT Global Team.

Kim treats newborns through adults with a wide variety of health issues. Often, she is the last stop for people who have been searching for help. Her work releases fascial tightness in the body and around the brain caused by trauma that can begin in utero and builds throughout life.

Kim has also trained in Myofunctional Therapy which helps correct dysfunctional oral patterns including mouth breathing which may cause various health, postural, sleep and aesthetic issues.

You can learn more about CFT at www.kimsherlock.com