Melinda Arcara

Melinda Arcara is an Author, Speaker, Blogger, Social Media Influencer and Certified Health Coach.

She specializes in the use of gluten-free and dairy-free food ingredients for improving digestive health and as a Healthy Food Advocate, she promotes eating whole, clean, local, seasonal and organic foods to her followers and clients.

Melinda is the President of Arcara JHC, LLC a health care consulting company based in Chester County, PA that provides individual health coaching and large group health related presentations. She also has a gluten-free restaurant program to train and educate food service owners, and their staff, on the food preparation requirements of gluten-free diners.

Melinda sits on the board of The Rachel Way, a virtual gluten-free food pantry in Plymouth Meeting and co-manages the Gluten Intolerance Group of Chester County, a support group in the region.

She is very active on social media as Gluten-Free Bebeand was voted one of the Top 30 Gluten-Free Influencers (2018 and 2019), by the Gluten-Free Buyers Guide. Melinda spent the first forty years of her life with lots of family love and support, but she never felt healthy.

Suffering from unexplained symptoms including migraines, stomach pains, anemia, anxiety, weight fluctuations, joint pain (the list goes on and on), she was finally diagnosed with a gluten intolerance in 2010.

For Melinda, this diagnosis was a blessing, not a curse as she learned how to be free of unexpected illness and pain with simple dietary changes. She has been featured in podcasts and in publications across the country with a goal to make other peoples health journeys easier than hers.

When she isn’t coaching and supporting the Gluten-Free Community, she is the “Vice-President of Household Operations” and personal chef for her husband and two teenage children.