Nancy Gentle Boudrie

Mindful-Based Coach, Mentor & Speaker, Self-Development Specialist, Meditation Professional, Energy Therapy Expert

Nancy is the Owner and Founder of Awaken With Light, Inc. She has over 20 years experience helping individuals to live mindfully aware and at peace while being at their Optimum Best.

Her passion is to help as many people get off of default mode and take charge of their life with purpose and intention so they can truly love their lives.

Nancy began her journey of self-discovery after running her own insurance agency and giving birth to her second child.

 She was filled with complete overwhelm, a deep unfulfillment with her business, and struggled with not knowing who she really was. That started her quest and once she reached her destination she knew it was her soul’s purpose to help as many people reach their own destination.

She uses evidence-based tools and techniques in her Reset & Radiate and Rewire & Radiate programs to help individuals live life to the fullest.Her mission is to help anyone feeling stuck and lacking clarity, unleash the bonds that are holding them back. So they can Radiate a life full of clarity, purpose, and love.

You can join her private Facebook group where she is the most active, holds challenges and giveaways at Facebook.com/groups/BePresentWithNancy.

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