Venetsana (Venessa) Levin

Venetsana (Venessa) Levin, M.Ed., RA is a Registered Aromatherapist, Clinically Trained Holistic Aromatherapy Practitioner, Forever Student, Educator and Owner of Grateful Aromatics, LLC.

Her passion is empowering others to use the potent and healing gifts of Aromatics safely, effectively & ethically.

A former High School teacher, Venessa discovered the complementary modality of Aromatherapy after a health crisis forced her early retirement.

While she loved teaching, health issues made it impossible to continue and this medical retirement led to a complete lifestyle overhaul & ultimate discovery of Aromatics. Grateful Aromatics was borne of these two loves; Aromatherapy & Education.

The mission of Grateful Aromatics is to provide education on the safety and efficacy of aromatics such as essential oils, plant extracts, absolutes, lipids, and carrier oils so that others may enjoy the benefits aromatics provide. Aromatics such as essential oils are commonly used by many but without regard to the potential hazards and cautions for both themselves and their clients. Venessa’s goal is to teach others how to practice Aromatherapy safely, effectively and ethically, maximizing wellness for both client and other practitioners.

You can find more information about Venessa and the classes and services available at www.gratefularomatics.com or www.facebook.com/GratefulAromatics on Instagram www.instragram.com/GratefulAromatics.

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