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Dr. Joe Dispenza:

Morning Meditation | Video

Guided Meditation | Video

Live Your Dream Seminar | Video

Esther Hicks

The rules and steps of the law of attraction | Video

Dr. Gilles Lemarche

Heart Story | Video

Health Resources

Dr. Chen | National Cancer Institute

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The Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet and Its Role in Cancer Treatment

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Dr. Gerson on Alternative Cancer Treatments

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Virtual Health Coach:

Offering a highly personalized approach to weight loss tailored to each individual | Virtual Health Coach

Dr. Mercola: The World’s #1 Natural Health Website

Dr. Mercola


Interviews with the doctors who discovered effective alternative, holistic and natural medicine therapies. Dr. Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist, Author of “Biology of Belief” | HeatlhyDoctors.com

Dr. David Wendel

Breast Thermography | Visit Site

The Body Restoration Cookbook

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Cholesterol and Statins

Article 1 | Article 2

Women’s Health

Depression & Anxiety: Tips for Women Video

Parkinson’s Disease

Statins have been linked to Parkinson’s Disease | Read Article

Vitamin D Intake

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Charles Eisenstein – The Ascent of Humanity

A unique view on the traditional educational system.

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Vaccines, Pediatrics, Education, and NET

National Vaccine Information Center

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is dedicated to the prevention of vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and to defending the informed consent ethic in medicine.

As an independent clearinghouse for information on diseases and vaccines, NVIC does not advocate for or against the use of vaccines. We support the availability of all preventive health care options, including vaccines, and the right of consumers to make educated, voluntary health care choices.

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Other Vaccine Resources

Dr Tenpenny on vaccines | Visit Site

Health from Scratch Vaccine: Videos & Other Information | Visit Site

Vaccine Ingredients & PubMed Studies from LearntheRisk.org | Visit Site

Pennsylvania Vaccine Tool Kit | Visit Site

Influenza Vaccine Research Information | Visit Site

Are Vaccines Safe? Dr. Suzanne Humphries | Watch Video

Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics


Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health

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An Explanation of Neuremotional Technique

The method most relative to the ONE Foundation’s research is the semantic model for evaluating the physiological response to emotional congruency, or emotional reality | Visit Site

Charles Eisenstein – The Ascent of Humanity

A unique view on the traditional educational system.

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