Malvern Chiropractic – How It Works

Holistic Care That Treats You With Respect

Backs, Necks and Beyond

Most people think of chiropractic as a way to address back issues, and it does that. But many other kinds of ailments also respond to our holistic methods—even things you might not expect, such as allergies or stomach pains.

Here’s why: everything in your body is controlled by your nervous system. From your brain, a thick rope of nerves runs down the center of your spine. Individual nerves emerge between the many bones of the spine—the vertebrae—to serve different parts of your body, including organs, hands and feet. When those bones are even a little bit out of alignment, the nerves can be affected. That interferes with the signals they’re meant to carry.

So correcting spinal misalignments can address all kinds of problems besides back pain, such as headaches, stomach issues, or problems sleeping. As we gently restore the spine’s correct alignment, the nervous system is calmed and many symptoms disappear.

No Labels, Just Healing

It’s not necessary to diagnose and label problems using our methods. Pain and symptoms are simply viewed as your body’s cry for help.

So at each visit we “ask” your body what it needs and wants, using simple, painless pressure. Then we address the issues that arise with gentle adjustments and other methods. In addition to spinal adjustments, these may include the use of a cold laser or nutritional supplements.

We may also ask you to do simple stretches at home, provide you with self-care tools or make some changes in what you’re eating.

Together we engage your body’s own wisdom to unravel the issues and challenges that are causing symptoms or pain. One step at a time, the body relaxes into its natural state of well-being.