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Join Us This this Sunday for the Second Annual Hillside Elementary "Fun Walk & Run"

Second Annual Hillside Elementary 5K FUN – Walk and Run

Join us this weekend, November 8th at 8am at Wilson Farm Park for the Hillside Elementary, Second Annual FUN  Walk and Run.  Dr. Dennis Mariano, a Sports Chiropractor, will be offering to help your walk or run be more pleasurable by utilizing Rock tape to balance your body so you can move more efficiently.  If you want to take advantage of this complimentary service please get there early so you can be taped before the run/walk starts.  The movement analysis and Rock taping provides a great added benefit by supporting areas of your body that are weak or painful.

Who can benefit from the analysis and taping?

People who have chronic WEAKNESS, INSTABILITY or PAIN with their neck, middle back, lower back or pain and weakness in their shoulders, knees and ankles.

The analysis takes 30 seconds to perform. If you need tape it takes another 15 seconds to apply. You can greatly enhance your run or walk within a few minutes. So please stop by our tent and table and receive the benefit of the complimentary taping to enhance your movement and performance so you can a the most fun run/walk of your life .

Sports Chiropractic Care for Athletes

High-performing athletes around the world rely on chiropractic to compete at their best. We’ve worked with hundreds of athletes—from teens to Masters—keeping them on top of their game by:

  • Healing old injuries faster and more completely
  • Helping to avoid new injuries
  • Improving speed, power and endurance

At Mariano Holistic Life Center, Inc., with our proprietary sports chiropractic care, athletes typically find they shave seconds off their speed, discover increased focus, spend more time healthy and training and less time on the sidelines, and generally are able to compete at a higher level care.


To learn more about how sports chiropractic can help you with you athletic endevours, click here.

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