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August-December 2011 Transformation Healing Seminar Series

Dr. Mariano, Malvern Chiropractor

Dr. Mariano, Malvern Chiropractor

Dr. Dennis M. Mariano DC, DICCP
February 8, 2010
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Transformational Healing Lesson of the Week

Welcome to your daily Tranfsormational Healing Lesson of the Week

“A DAY of WORRY is more exhausting than a WEEK of WORK”

Reorganizational Healing (ROH) – A More Complete Healing Paradigm

Reorganizational Healing takes an approach to help create a map for individuals to self-assess and draw on strengths to create sustainable change. Reorganizational Healing gives individuals concrete tools to explore and use the meanings of their symptoms, problems, and life-stressors as catalysts to taking new and sustained action to create a more fulfilling and resilient life.

‘‘Instead of being meaningless, people’s problems become diseases of meaning, enabling people to see that things are not necessarily ‘‘going wrong” but are, in fact, helping them become stronger, to live more fully and with more understanding.” —Jobst, Shostak, and Whitehouse, 1991

Diseases as representations of various aspects in an individual’s life and as a manifestation of health in that these aspects can be seen and can serve as a source of growth, understanding and opportunity for greater awareness, all ultimately reflections of the meaning attributed to the event or phenomenon. With such a depth of meaning, disease can be viewed as a catalyst for persons to grow, and in so doing, to heal themselves. The inescapable intersection between one’s internal perception and the state of one’s body and whole life facilitates sustainable change toward optimal mental and physical health.

Diseases of meaning are diseases attributed to and arising from an individual’s or society’s perspectives, worldviews, and overall life stressors. Thus problems can be viewed as calls to know the self, the body-mind, more intimately in order to facilitate change and to grow stronger, healthier and wiser. These diseases inextricably link the individual’s self-perception and meaning to the problem. This is in contrast to the view that the source of disease is from outside the individual and it is something invasive that must be suppressed or destroyed.

The goal of the traditional sickness care paradigm or restorative therapeutics is to restore the person to who they were before the problem arose. In restorative healing the person gets the opportunity to use the experience consciously to bring light to a greater level of understanding and appreciation to increase the individual’s ability to thrive under most circumstances.

ROH is a paradigm about helping people be well. It is an approach to outcomes-based wellness and change. It can be applied to growth, healing and the individual’s life. ROH facilitates a dynamic responsive awareness to enable optimization of structural, perceptual, behavioral and energetic elements in a coherent sequenced fashion. The physical, emotional, biological, mental, spiritual, social and cultural domains

The goal is to have the system function at a higher level of complexity this increase in the baseline level of the organization of the system allows for enhanced utilization of energy, adaptability and the development of new attractors thereby facilitating an emerging state of stability and a greater range of intensity and perturbation in the environment.

“Change rarely comes from an area of the body or one’s life that is defensive guarded or wounded.”