Malvern Neuro Emotional Technique

What is Neuro Emotional Technique?

A pathway back from old, harmful holding patterns in the body created by events in your past. NET helps erase old self-sabotage patterns resulting in a new outlook on life. Offers significant relief for many patients.

The Effects of NET on Brain Physiology

There is now quantifiable evidence as to ‘why’ patients feel better when treated with NET, and the dramatic pre- and post- treatment changes can be seen in fMRI brain images.

A recently published study examined the effects of NET on brain physiology in patients experiencing stress symptoms.

Figure 1

In these fMRI images we can actually see what the brain looks like during the re- experiencing of trauma before a patient is treated with NET.

Figure 2

This pair of post-treatment fMRI images powerfully demonstrates how the brain has returned to normal healthy functioning as a result of the NET intervention — even when the patient is again exposed to the same information that was traumatic before treatment.

Looking For More Information on NET?

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Changes in Cerebellar Function Connectivity and Autonomic Regulation in Cancer Patients Treated with Neuro Emotional Technique for Traumatic Stress Symptoms.

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NET Mind Body relieves symptoms related to mind/body stress. Watch background concepts and an explanation of NET.

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