Pregnancy and Chiropractic

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November 20, 2022

Hi everybody, Dr. Dennis Mariano. Today we’ll be discussing pregnancy and the benefits of chiropractic for the pregnant mom.

So the reason why it’s important you can imagine if the uterus sits here and that’s holding the baby as you go through the pregnancy, the biomechanics of the spine begins to change.

The Lordotic curve becomes more pronounced because of the weight of the baby here. And what tends to happen is that when women who are pregnant have spinal misalignment or subluxations that are caused by physical, emotional and chemical stress, these nerves will compress the nerve, the very, very will compress the nerves of the spine and begin to affect the function of the uterus.

When the uterus is ready to deliver the baby, it actually contracts from the top and then massages the baby out slowly.

Over time, if you have misalignment in the spine, let’s say your pelvis is tilted, the SI joints aren’t moving properly, the pubic bone could be misaligned, it could be superior, inferior posterior. It affects the whole functioning of the spinal pelvic rhythm.

That can affect the uterus from contracting appropriately and then that can lead to difficulty with the childbirth and heart rate could go up. Intervention then happens.

So it’s really critical for women, before they even become pregnant, to create an opportunity for the nervous system to be more balanced, so that when the body is more balanced, it will be much easier for the baby to come to the birth canal.

If you think about, let’s say this is the baby’s head, if you have proper motion and function, it’s easy for the baby to come out. But if you have tilting of the pelvis, as you can imagine, the baby can get stuck. So it’s critical for the mom’s nervous system to be balanced and analyzed by a holistic pediatric chiropractor so that we can then make sure that the delivery is not an emergency situation, but a joyful experience, which is what moms should be experiencing.

That’s what chiropractic, pediatrics and pregnancy can benefit you. So if you have any questions, we have seminars at 06:30 p.m. on Tuesday nights. Join us on Facebook live on Instagram. I’m Dr. Dennis Mariano. Mariano Holistic Life center. Have a great day.

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