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I remember sharing this inspirational photo I drew from one  of my seminars two years ago. purpose I believe that PURPOSE and FULLFILLMENT do not reside  outside of us that we find. Instead it is something that we discover and  CONNECT with as we live our daily lives in a state of present time  consciousness. I believe PURPOSE arises from embracing the challenges and the apparent problems that we experience in our daily lives. When we feel unfulfilled we tend to look to outside circumstances or people or activities or wanting to accomplish something, like getting another degree or gaining another blinky shiny object like a new car or new furniture or an updated kitchen or a second home on the lake. We BELIEVE that when we acquire these things, we will feel  fulfilled and then we can find our purpose in life.

A Zen koan tells this story: A monk told Joshu, “I have entered your monastery, now  please teach me.” Joshu asked, “Have you eaten your rice porridge?”

The monk replied: “Yes I’ve eaten.” Joshu said, “Then better wash your bowl.”

At that moment the monk was enlightened!!

The  ENEMIES of finding our purpose are the three things, we so expertly do subconsciously:

1. REGRETTING THE PAST: We regret what had happened to us and feel upset of what could’ve been or should have been but didn’t happen. We hold on to resentments from what we perceived people have done to hurt us (weather they remember it or not, or purposefully did it or not). We stay trapped in this endless mind game.

2. WORRYING about the FUTURE. Fearing what harm could befall us or what things we could miss our fail to achieve.

“I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” -Mark Twain.

3. FAILING TO LIVE IN THE PRESENT: When we engage bad habits, #1. and #2. we are doing all this. Now, using up our precious currency of the PRESENT worrying and regretting rather than CREATING. As we do the DAILY GRIND, as some would refer to it, let us CHOOSE to do in with being in the PRESENT.

Let us consciously and joyfully participate 100% by being FULLY in the MOMENT. Only in this way do we get the opportunity to become unburdened and therefore have a greater chance to CONNECT with our PURPOSE. And then, you will discover that the true feeling of living your highest purpose is in the SERVING of others rather than being served.

Our purpose in life is NOT, being as comfortable and worry free as we can and acquiring as many things as we can. Rather, it is in the LOSING SLEEP on how we can serve and LOVE others no matter the cost.

Another ancient wisdom shares this thought: “To make a man happy do not add to their possessions but subtract from their desires”.

So let us experience our daily lives with consciousness, kiss your child with pure presence. Do your work with pure presence and CONNECT with your PURPOSE as often as you can. Most of all, Enjoy this wonderful journey.. YOUR LIFE!

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  1. J. Shaw says
    Jan 08, 2015 at 7:23 PM

    Dr. Mariano, You should check out Otto Scharmer of MIT. His Theory U would be something you would really like. There is a free massive course starting through EdX website. His work mirrors much of what you have said here. Hoping our paths cross again soon, you do amazing things and are inspiration and blessing to many.

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