Surface EMG: What is it and how it works

Category: Chiropractic

December 8, 2022


What we wanted to discuss with you today is the reason why we use an instrument called the Surface EMG. The Surface EMG is an instrument that we use to analyze the effect of subluxation on the human nervous system.

So the different parts of the nervous system that come through the spinal cord or through the spine can actually be interfered with. So the motor portion of that part of the spine, the nerve, can actually be measured by using a surface EMG.

If you look at the cardiologist and they want to look for problems with the heart, they use what’s called an EKG or electrocardiogram. And you can magnify the impulses that the heart gives off, and you can analyze and determine if there’s anything wrong and find a diagnosis.

If you have somebody with problems with the brain, you can use what’s called an electroencephalogram or EEG.

In Chiropractic, what we have is what’s called the surface EMG. And what we do is we put that on the surface of the spine and to determine if there are any anomalies as a consequence of misalignment of the vertebrae or subluxations that create motor problems in the nervous system, which would then show up as different colors.

And that’s how we can then, number one, have confidence in speaking to the patient. Yes, you have subluxations, and it is measurable. And if you begin care and you continue with your care, we can measure then the outcome of the progress of your care by looking at something objective. And that really helps.

We take care of a lot of children. Most kids aren’t able to explain to us how they feel because their sensory system doesn’t fully develop until they’re 19 years old. So by having an instrument that’s measuring the stress on the nervous system, we can then be guided as doctors of chiropractic on how to take care of children appropriately and measure the outcomes of our intervention.

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