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The Easy Life

One of my mentors taught me that when it comes to self-discipline in our day to day life, The saying, “Easy life now, hard life later; Hard life now, easy life later” holds very true in my experience.

Say, for example, one does not have a written schedule for the day.What tends to get the done are the activities that are easy and fun to do (watch tv, facebook, read emails).

But the not so fun, but important things to do get attended to last (Planning the day, doing inventory of groceries, organizing, etc). Consequently, we end up feeling overwhelmed because the important things now become urgent.Hard Work Now Easy Life Later One day leads to another, with more and more things to do that are important and urgent and we begin to lose our sense of well-being.

Days go into weeks, weeks go into months, months into years and the unpleasant cycle continues with no end in sight, feeling more and more behind the eighth ball.

So how does one get a handle on things and get some semblence of order and peace of mind again? The solution is simple, though may take time to implement in our busy lives.


1. Make time to sit down for 30 minutes to one hour and make a list of all the things that need to be attended to.

2. Categories them in order of importance, ex: A for to do now, B to do after A is finished and C future to do.

3. Create a calendar that you can access online and by your smartphone so that once your schedule is set you can receive auto reminders on your smartphone.

4. Take all your tasks and place each in the days that they need to be done.

5. Create a recurring action on your calendar to save time.

6. The most important thing to succeed in this endeavor is also the hardest, follow your calendar each day.

7. To avoid overwhelm, schedule your down time in your calendar where you can do fun activities or time to do nothing. As long as it is on your schedule, it will be attended to.Stop-Procrastination-300x297 One of the most important things that this prioritizing of your life applies to is your health. Being proactive rather than reactive in caring for your health will absolutely pay the biggest dividends.

As a current practice member, you are well aware of the fact that how you feel is not a good indicator of how healthy you are. That is the reason why we utilize manual muscle testing and other methods to evaluate the function of your body before symptoms appear.

As you may already know, you can have 50% bone loss before it can be seen on x-ray. Everything in life takes time. It takes time, days, weeks and years to develop sickness in our bodies. The same holds for healing. It takes time for our bodies to heal.

Just as it takes time for a plant to grow, a child to grow and a relationship to grow. The principles that govern our lives, relationships, health and wealth all have the same foundation. Therefore, understanding and consistently following these principles with help you achieve a more joyful and  life instead of one that is random and chaotic.

My primary heart coach is very fond of reminding me that, “Discipline equals Freedom”. Freedom indeed can come from doing hard things now and having an easier life later.

Love and Light,

Dennis M. Mariano, DC, DICCP, FMT

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