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Meet the Mariano Holistic Life Center, Inc. Team

A Mission to Support True Wellness

Many people come to chiropractic only after they have had issues for months or years. It’s exciting to see their chronic pain and symptoms almost magically disappear. People are able to do things they love again, and often tell us we “gave them their lives back”. Better still is helping our patients stay well, with regular visits that keep their bodies working at optimum health. We find it most rewarding to work with people who are committed to maintaining their health at the highest standards.

Dr. Dennis Mariano – Holistic Chiropractic Doctor

Malvern Chiropractor, Dr. Dennis MarianoI grew up in a household of doctors. My mother, aunt and uncle are all physicians; many others in the family are nurses and doctors too. Chiropractic became a calling after it helped me with a problem that even doctors couldn’t seem to address.

At a gymnastic class in college, I had fallen on my neck attempting to do a vault on a pommel horse. While the neck didn’t hurt afterwards, several weeks later I began to have stomach pains that wouldn’t go away. Several medical doctors in different specialties were unable to help.
As the weeks passed without improvement, a co-worker recommended that I try chiropractic instead. To my amazement, not only did the stomach pains disappear, but so did the severe allergy and hay fever symptoms I had had for several years. I was fascinated, and decided to investigate chiropractic as a career.

Since starting my own practice over 25 years ago I’ve seen the same kind of dramatic results happen literally thousands of times, for all kinds of patients. It is a very rewarding way to spend my days. We love caring for children, moms and dads and as well as athletes.

Several times a year, I attend continuing education classes to learn more, gain additional certifications, and discover new ways to enhance our patients’ health. I live what I teach, getting weekly chiropractic care, exercising regularly, eat healthy organic food, and using Science Based Nutrition testing to ensure that I am getting the right nutrients. My wife and sons also get regular care.

Renie Pugh – Licensed Massage Therapist

Malvern Massage Therapist, Renie PughRenie provides massage therapy as part of an overall chiropractic care plan. The muscle work she does, “makes chiropractic adjustments easier and smoother, and helps them to hold better.” Besides these benefits, a session on her table is an extraordinary experience in its own right. Patients leave deeply relaxed, and feeling the full healing of her attention, care, and highly-tuned skills. Renie has been a devoted chiropractic patient herself since 1987, and observes that when you begin, “big changes happen. It introduces a whole new life in body and mind.” After spending many decades as a counselor for people with addiction issues, she had a life-changing experience while getting a massage one day. “A lightbulb went off. This is what I am meant to do.” 20 years later, she’s never looked back. “It brings me joy when a client that comes in with a complaint walks out without it,” Renie says. “I’m always so delighted to be able to relieve the pain and distress.” Her office is conveniently located upstairs at the Mariano Center.

Heather Melton-Mariano- Licensed Massage Therapist and Accounting

Malvern Chiropractic Assistant, Kathy PlaceHeather is one of our Massage Therapists and has been practicing Massage Therapy since 1995 after having transitioned from a career in the Corporate World as an Office Manager and Accountant in a Civil Engineering Firm. Heather first started her interest in the field of massage therapy in the late 80’s with her Cosmetology Education wherein she learned the fine art of reflexology. This interest in the art led her to enroll in The Massage Therapy Institute of Oklahoma where she took over 500 hours of Massage Therapy Training. Licensed with the City of Tulsa in 1995, Heather opened her own Massage Therapy Business, Kneading Directions, in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. After moving to PA in 1999, she continued her education at the PA School of Muscle Therapy (PSMT) in PA and continued her career in PA within Dr. Mariano’s offices. Heather draws from her tool box of various massage techniques and training to help clients feel their best and most relaxed. Heather has spent many years in the field of Massage Therapy and learning other disciplines of massage along her path. She has also had the opportunity to attend many continuing health education courses along with her husband, Dr. Mariano, in the holistic health field.

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